arduino cnc controller for estlcam

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-18
In my first tutorial, we assembled an Arduino Nano CNC motion controller from ArduinoClub.
In the second tutorial, we will install this controller into the control of a Chinese CNC milling machine 3040 with inverter and high frequency spindle.
Step 1, we sort the components to see if everything is there.
The resistance is usually glued to the tape.
If you cut the paper so you can separate all the resistors so you can remove the paper without bending your legs.
Don\'t mix the resistors or you will have a lot of work to do.
Immediately bend the leg of the resistor at the body so that they fit well on the board.
The blank board is labeled so you always know where the components are.
Place the resistor in the right position and you don\'t have to pay attention to the direction of the installation.
If you turn the board over and weld the resistance, you should put a piece of cardboard on it to prevent the resistance from falling off.
You should pay attention to this: welding resistance now.
After welding the resistance, you can cut off the extended wire.
Now put the IC socket on the PCB, the cut on the IC socket, pointing in the direction of the white corner on the assembly printing.
Now you have to connect the screw terminals to each other.
When welding, make sure to keep the screw terminals firmly on the board so that they do not swing later.
Now, Weld in pin head Soldner 1.
The short end points to the board.
It is best to use a piece of tape during welding to prevent the pin head from falling off.
Now, Weld in three capacitors and LED.
Make sure the longer legs are the plus bar.
Now is the time to weld the precision potentiometer, make sure the screws match the printing on the PCB.
If this is wrong, the direction of the rotation later is incorrect.
It is better to weld only the middle leg, then press the potentiometer on the PCB and heat the welding point again.
The potentiometer is now firmly fixed on the PCB.
Welding other legs.
Screw the voltage transformer together with the radiator, but do not tighten the screws.
Now put the cooler with the voltage converter on the board and weld only the radiator.
Turn the board a little and press the radiator on the board with one hand.
Now heat the welding point again.
The radiator is now firmly fixed on the board.
Tighten the screw and weld the voltage transformer.
Divide the parent connector into 15 parts.
If you have an Arduino Nano, you can measure it with it.
It is best to weld the socket connector with the Nano, and then everything will be installed later.
I hope I don\'t forget anything.
The CNC control is now ready.
In the next manual, we will install it into the CNC control system in China.
Thank you. goodbye.
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