Aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-11-02
1. Main performance characteristics: *Suitable for drilling, milling grooves, round holes, special-shaped holes, plane engraving, etc. of aluminum alloy profiles, doors and windows, curtain walls, as well as milling, tapping, and chamfering of aluminum machine. *The system adopts Taiwan's new generation CNC numerical control system. It has built-in graphics including all milling graphics in the door and window industry (also can be added according to customer requirements). It can store hundreds of graphics programs. Customers can directly modify data programming according to graphics, which is simple and easy to learn. *Using electric spindle, high precision, good safety and high reliability. *X-axis adopts high-precision helical gear and helical rack, and Y-axis and Z-axis adopt high-precision ball screw transmission, which has stable transmission and high precision. *Through programming software Automatic conversion of processing codes, simple operation, high efficiency, low labor intensity* The worktable is turned 180°. -90~0°~+90°, the profile can be processed on three sides in one clamping. When processing deep through holes (abnormal-shaped holes), deep hole processing can be realized by turning the worktable, with high efficiency and precision. *Using a manual pump oil supply system, and the tool adopts a system-controlled spray cooling device. *
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