Aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment technology

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-06
The production process of alloy doors and windows can be divided into several steps: material preparation-milling-drilling-slot milling-corner assembly-assembly-sealing strip-installation of glass-installation of opening and closing accessories-finished product inspection-finished product storage and other steps.    Aluminum alloy Door and window production equipment mainly includes: milling machine, profile bending machine, vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, special milling machine, drilling machine, corner assembly machine, frame assembly machine, etc.   There are relevant national standards for the assembly technical requirements of aluminum alloy doors and windows. For the assembly of various aluminum alloy doors and windows, the following requirements are stipulated:   1, the size deviation requirements of the door and window frames.  2. The assembly gap of each adjacent component of the door and window frame, the height difference of the same plane, and the deviation requirements of the frame and the fan of the aluminum alloy floor spring door, and the vertical gap between the fan and the fan.  3. The lap width around the door and window frame sash should be uniform, and the allowable deviation is ±1mm.  4. After the doors and windows are assembled, there should be no sagging, warping or distortion that hinders the opening and closing.  5. The door and window accessories are installed in the correct, complete and firm position, which should play their respective roles, and ensure sufficient strength, flexible opening and closing, and no noise. The accessories that withstand repeated movements should be easy to replace in structure.  6. u200bu200bThe quality of accessories such as glass, hardware, and sealing for doors and windows should be compatible with the quality level of doors and windows.  7. After the doors and windows are assembled, the gap between the glass and the inlaid groove should be ensured, and the main parts should be equipped with shock-absorbing pads to buffer the impact of opening and closing forces.
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