Aluminium alloy door and window processing equipment manufacturers have complete machinery

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-06
The manufacturer of aluminum alloy door and window aluminium processing machine has complete machinery. It is an experienced manufacturer of aluminum alloy door and window equipment, plastic steel door and window equipment, and insulating glass equipment. The production industry is taking it to the next level! Choose door and window aluminium processing machine, come to machinery! What equipment and parts does an aluminum alloy door and window factory need? To open an aluminum alloy door and window factory, the required equipment includes: mobile angle saws, double-head saws, profile rolling mills, punches, single-shaft profiling rolling mills, high-pressure air pumps, etc. If a fixed corner code is used, it must be equipped with a corner code forming machine. The equipment uses 380 volts, and the workshop is equipped with high-pressure gas source gas circuits, and the workshop area is ≥ 1000 square meters. Other small tools and auxiliary tools include profile turnover carts, impact drills, hand drills, riveting guns, movable plates, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, box rulers, steel rulers, oil level calipers, spirit levels, wallpaper cutters, markers, electric pens, etc. . In the past, door and window manufacturers only needed to obtain a small cutting machine and run a small amount of electricity to make a door and window and install it in one's home. Basically, people can only enjoy such door and window manufacturing and installation services. Such a simple way of processing and manufacturing doors and windows is far away from us. Manufacturers of processing equipment for aluminum alloy doors and windows At present, the commonly used mechanical equipment in the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy doors and windows include cutting machines, punching machines, wire-cutting machines, corner assembly machines, etc. The following describes the functions of each machine in detail. 1. Cutting machine Aluminum alloy profile cutting machine is a cutting material used for the production of doors and windows. Aluminum alloy profiles can be cut according to the required size and angle. The commonly used cutting angles are 45° and 90°. The cutting machine is used for the production of large aluminum alloy doors and windows. When cutting aluminum alloy profiles, the profiles can be placed on the saw table smoothly. The intercepted length and angle are relatively accurate, the sawing is neat, and the cutting speed is fast and small. The cutting machine for the door and window processing point is a small toothless saw, and its cutting accuracy is much smaller than that of a large saw. 2. Punching machine The punching machine is a machine that punches holes in the profile, it can punch square, rectangular and round holes. Punch presses are equipment used by large-scale aluminum alloy doors and windows production plants, but in small-scale processing points, other equipment is used instead, and its accuracy and efficiency are much lower than punch presses. 3. The milling machine on the manufacturing line. The imitation line milling machine is mainly used for milling keyholes of profiles. The line-like milling machine can mill holes according to the shape of the template, such as square, round, oval, octagonal, etc. It is characterized by high precision, high speed and intelligent hole milling. The equipment cost of the imitation line milling machine is relatively high. Generally, there is no small processing point, but a hand-operated hole opener is generally used. 4. The angle assembly machine is mainly used in large aluminum alloy door and window factories. It has the characteristics of high precision and beautiful angle steel assembling aluminum alloy door and window profiles. Generally, small processing points are usually assembled by hand. 604
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