Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows gantry machining center

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-11-01
Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows gantry machining centers will help us determine whether we need to buy such equipment. The following is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of gantry machining centers. For different brands, the advantages and disadvantages are not Directly applied. 1. Advantages (1) The gantry machining center has high precision and high quality of production and processing. (2) It can develop the interlacing of multiple coordinates, and can process parts with very complex shapes. (3) When the production and processing parts change, the program flow of the CNC machine tool can be changed overall, which can save the preparation time of the production and manufacturing. (4) The gantry machining center itself has high precision and strong rigidity. It can choose favorable production and processing purposes and has high production efficiency. (5) The automatic technology level of the gantry machining center is relatively high, which can reduce the crushing strength of the workers. (6) Mass production and manufacturing, product quality is easy to control. 2. Disadvantages (1) Longmen machining center has lower training requirements for actual workers, and higher technical standards for maintenance workers. (2) The processing line is difficult to handle. (3) Inconvenient maintenance and high technical standards. (4) The processing technology is difficult to deal with. Expansion: Operating rules 1. The operator must be familiar with and understand the performance and characteristics of the equipment of the gantry machining center. The emergency stop switch ensures that the equipment can operate quickly and effectively in an emergency, avoiding injury accidents. 2. Wear labor protection equipment according to regulations, and do not wear gloves to operate. 3. When the equipment is running, do not touch the electronic switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock. Do not touch any moving parts. 4. Do not place tools or non-working workpieces on the gantry machining center or moving objects. 5. The computer desk or workbench close to the machine must be firm and must not be placed on a mobile. 6. When the workpiece moves up and down, the machine should be stopped, and care should be taken to maintain a proper distance between the workpiece and the tool. When the machine is running, do not open the front door and left and right covers without authorization to avoid injury. 7. After the tool is set up, try using DRY RUN to make sure the program is correct. 8. When shutting down after a power failure or emergency stop, the 3 axes should be restored to their original positions on the machine. 9. Without permission, do not dismantle the travel switch or any related parts of the protection switch. 10. Before the end of the work, turn off the control power switch on the operation panel and the main switch on the electric box. 221
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