6 benefits of adding insulating glass to your broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-28
The hollow glass unit is also called the hollow glass unit (IGU), which is composed of two or more pieces of glass, with a cavity in the middle, and the edges are sealed. The hollow glass unit composed of two pieces of glass is commonly used glass, so it is also called double-layer glass unit or double-layer glass. King Tool Machinery believes that the six major benefits of adding insulating glass to your broken aluminum doors and windows are as follows: 1. Energy saving Due to its thermal insulation properties, compared with single-layer float glass, the heat entering and leaving the room is reduced. Therefore, as the indoor temperature is maintained, energy is saved. Low-emissivity coatings can be applied to a surface of the glass to achieve more energy savings. Low-e glass blocks most of the infrared radiation, so the heat entering the building in summer is reduced to a certain extent. 2. More economical As the temperature can be maintained, the cost of indoor air conditioning and heating will be reduced. For commercial buildings, double-glazed windows are very economical. For door and window factories, after purchasing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine, if you add insulating glass equipment, you can make your doors and windows more advantageous and cost-effective. 3. Increase sound insulation. Since there are two pieces of glass in the hollow glass unit, they can provide better sound insulation. This is very beneficial for residential areas close to crowded places such as markets and busy traffic areas. However, in order to fully demonstrate the sound insulation effect, you need to design a double-glazed unit based on high-frequency or low-frequency sound or both. In order to achieve a better sound insulation effect, the air gap between the glass plates must be increased. Under normal circumstances, the air gap of the double-glazed unit is 6 mm, which can be increased to 12 mm or more according to strong sound insulation requirements. Depending on the sound frequency, the thickness of the glass must be selected. Generally speaking, in order to prevent high-frequency sounds, thicker glass is required. Therefore, a 12mm thick outer glass with a given air gap and a 6mm thick inner glass may be the ideal solution. But please remember that in order to achieve sound insulation of the room, you need 100% air tightness, and hollow glass units cannot be achieved. 4. More flexible The glass plate in the hollow glass unit does not necessarily have to be float glass. Various types of glass, such as colored glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, heat strengthened glass, reflective glass, ceramic printed glass, patterned glass, etc., can be assembled into hollow glass units according to requirements. In addition, in order to obtain more heat insulation, a three-layer glass unit can be used, in which three pieces of glass are separated by air-filled cavities. The air gap can be filled with stable gases, such as argon, xenon, and krypton, which can also provide better thermal insulation. 5. Safer Compared with single-layer glass, double-glazed windows are considered safer and can prevent theft or theft. Since the device is tightly sealed, it is difficult to break it from the outside. 6. Protect your furniture Although we can't take this into consideration, since sunlight does not enter the room directly, furniture such as sofas, curtains, carpets and other fabrics are protected from sunlight. This prevents the furniture from fading due to direct sunlight. 404
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