4 precautions for the installation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-05
There are many precautions when installing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. From the power supply, air source to the connection of the air compressor and the various details of the equipment, a careful inspection is required before the correct operation can be performed, otherwise it may be There will be equipment problems that affect product quality or even very direct equipment. 1. Power supply: Since the commonly used voltage of bridge-broken aluminum doors and windows equipment is 380V, you must pay attention to the connection of the live wire and the neutral wire when wiring. Generally speaking, door and window equipment manufacturers will distinguish different colors. Generally speaking, the live wire is black or blue, and the neutral wire is red (according to the situation of each manufacturer). If the live line is reversed, you only need to change two lines at both ends of the live line. 2. Air source: Because the pressure material of the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment is compressed by the gas cylinder, especially the broken bridge aluminum profile processing cutting saw, the broken bridge aluminum profile end milling machine and the broken bridge aluminum profile corner saw. Ensuring adequate air supply is a prerequisite for equipment use. If the air pressure is insufficient, the saw blade of the double-head cutting saw for broken bridge aluminum profile will be affected, and its processing effect will be affected accordingly. Generally speaking, a set of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment can ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressure and the air flow rate can reach 0.3. If there are too many equipment, it is not enough to rely on air pumps. You need to prepare one or two gas tanks. 3. Air compressor: Check whether the connection of the air compressor is firm to avoid air leakage. 4. Equipment parts: There are many types of equipment for breaking aluminum doors and windows, and each type of equipment has several types. Therefore, it is particularly important to check the processing equipment of doors and windows, such as the trachea plug of the cutting saw, the inlet and outlet of the saw blade, and the saw head. Left and right working status, etc. Adjust the feeding speed of the cutting saw blade of the door and window processing equipment. In the debugging process, if the feeding speed of the saw blade is too fast or too slow, you can adjust the speed control valve on the feeding cylinder of the door and window equipment to obtain a suitable feeding speed. Now that the equipment is bought back, we should maintain it properly to make the equipment play its role as much as possible. Avoid equipment problems caused by improper daily use, which is also a loss. Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment, and can provide you with qualified quality complete sets of door and window aluminium processing machine to escort your door and window processing. 129
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