3d printed vacuum cleaner for a cnc machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-27
When I started using Dremel CNC more often, I noticed that after milling the wood and the mid-fiber board, there was thin dust all around.
I also had an issue with an aluminum sheet stuck in the screw, so I added a cover for the lead screw, but I know the best solution is to install a vacuum cleaner on the machine.
I have a very large and loud workshop cleaner that is too powerful for this task.
When I went through the Dremel CNC builder group post on Facebook, I noticed the post on January about his 3D print vacuum cleaner.
I think it\'s a really cool idea to build a small vacuum cleaner, I can put it next to my CNC machine and keep it all the time while CNC milling.
So I opened Fusion 360 after one o\'clock A. M. and 2 hours and my own 3D print vacuum cleaner is ready to print.
Before you start reading this manual, you have to know that it\'s more like an experiment than a project, I don\'t know if it works, I just did a quick research on the Internet, to understand how Cyclone separation works and how the vacuum cleaner turbine works.
But I have to say that this project is beyond my expectations!
Follow me don\'t miss out on my new project: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: for this project we need some 3D printed parts and it takes about 12 hours to print all of them.
The gasket should be printed with a flexible filament, but this part is optional and of course it can improve the item, but you can also make it without the gasket.
The hose holder is designed for Dremel CNC and hose with an outer diameter of 22mm.
As a hose, I used something called bellows which works very well and is very cheap.
We also need: first fix the 775 motor to the 3D printed part with two M4 screws.
Then press the turbine on the shaft of the motor and you may need to give the shaft a sand hole a little.
In general, we would like to have a tight fit here to keep the turbine fixed on the shaft.
Place the M3 screw like this and then place the washer.
Close it with large parts printed in 3D and tighten it with nuts.
It takes 5 minutes to assemble this project, very simple.
Make sure to squeeze the gasket a little with the screw.
The best and cheapest way to make a dust box for this project is to use a sealed food container.
We need to drill a 45mm hole at the top of the box.
Be careful, this thin plastic brakes easily.
To drill this hole, I used this thing you can see on the picture, I don\'t know what its name is, but for the big hole on this thin material, it works very well.
Once the hole is ready, you can install it on a vacuum cleaner with a 3D print nut.
Since the hose I use is a bellows, the price is very cheap and works fine for projects like this.
There is a small drawback because it is corrugated and it makes a strange sound when the air goes through it, it\'s not a big deal, sometimes it sounds a little funny, but in a few hours it may be infuriating.
The inside diameter of this hose is 18mm and the outside diameter is 22mm, so if you have any other hose with the same diameter, you can easily use it in this project.
Initially, as a power source, I used my lab bench power to control the voltage and speed of the motor, and I was worried that the turbine would explode due to vibration.
Once I tested everything I welded a DC connector and now I power this motor with a 12 v power supply which is fine.
The cool thing about this project is that you can power it with a 12 v battery, a 3 s lipo battery or even a car power outlet.
To connect the hose, Dremel cnc I have designed a very simple stand that can be easily connected to Dremel CNC without any modification.
It takes about 30 minutes to print.
In order to put this in place, you have to take the Dremel out and put it back and it will hold the hose perfectly.
Make sure you don\'t get in touch with your material when milling the hose, as this will clog the CNC.
You can easily design any other attachment of the hose to a CNC machine or any other tool.
As I said, this project is beyond my expectation.
Not only can it be used as a vacuum cleaner, it is also very powerful for this little thing.
It is very easy to build and you can even use it as a small vacuum cleaner to clean the workbench or table.
Hope you enjoyed the project!
Tell me what you think in the comments!
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