3 points when selecting equipment for processing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-07
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine itself is relatively expensive, we need to be very careful when selecting equipment, Machinery Co., Ltd. brings you 3 points when selecting broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine, to help you from the profile, accessories and manufacturing process. Know how to choose equipment and how to make a good product. 1. It depends on the profile of aluminum alloy door and window equipment. The quality of the profile directly determines the pros and cons of doors and windows. Doors and windows produced with inferior profiles have low strength and are prone to discoloration and deformation. 2. Depends on the accessories of aluminum alloy door and window equipment. The selection of hardware, steel lining, wool top and other accessories of door and window equipment is the key to manufacturing high-quality doors and windows. When the plastic steel door and window equipment is equipped with insulating glass, the weight per square meter may exceed 40 kg, so the requirements for various accessories are very high. The quality of accessories from different manufacturers vary greatly, and the prices vary several times. Inferior accessories will be damaged after a short period of use, causing the sash to droop, fixed push and pull, loose switches, and no sealing strips. 3. This depends on the manufacturing process of the aluminum alloy door and window equipment. The process of door and window equipment determines whether the overall performance of doors and windows is good. According to the requirements of national standards, the diagonal difference of plastic steel doors and windows should be controlled within 2-3 mm, which requires certain consumer equipment and technology as a technical guarantee, as well as high-quality staff. Expanding knowledge: According to the processing sequence, the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment has the following types: double-head saw (CNC precision double-head saw, digital display precision double-head saw, precision double-head saw, 06 saw, etc.) corner saw (efficient and material-saving) Angle code saw, CNC angle code saw, automatic angle code saw, etc.) angle grouping machine (synchronous angle grouping machine, lifting angle grouping machine, large-range lifting angle grouping machine, CNC four-head group, etc.) copy milling (single-axis copying) Shape milling, self-locking profiling milling, CNC milling, etc.) Intelligent machining center (sawing machining center, sawing milling machining center, etc.) The above is about the selection of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and related expanded knowledge. We believe that no matter Whether it is a double-head saw or an intelligent processing center, every aspect of the door and window processing equipment should be controlled, good materials, good aluminium processing machine and meticulous processing techniques should be selected. 85
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