3 common problems and solutions of plastic steel door and window equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-10
Compared with some modern equipment, plastic steel door and window aluminium machine is relatively old, and there may be a series of old problems, and no company is willing to further upgrade. In this article, the machine summarizes 3 common problems and solutions of plastic steel door and window equipment for you , I hope it helps you. 1. The materials cannot be delivered in time. First of all, we have to check whether the circuit and the motor are damaged, because these two points directly affect the power system of the equipment. If everything is normal in the power system, we must check whether the transmission and the belt gear are operating normally, because the gear is an important transmission equipment, and if it fails, it will inevitably cause damage. Check whether the universal joint of the equipment is broken. As an important equipment for doors and windows, universal joints have an important impact on the smooth operation of the equipment. Check whether the flat structure of the reducer for conveying materials has fallen off. If it falls off, we need to perform technical maintenance on it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 2. Excessive noise. When the door and window aluminium machine is in operation, sometimes there will be excessive noise, which affects the normal work of the operator. At this time, we can check whether the transmission bearing is damaged, because the rotation of the bearing will drive the operation of the equipment. If there is a problem with the axonometric connection, it is easy to cause excessive noise in the equipment. In addition to checking the bearing, the load of the knife should also be checked. The load of the knife will cause the equipment to run unevenly and make the equipment noisy. 3. The motor cannot start, causing abnormal noise when starting. First, check whether the motor is overloaded. If it causes an overload, it is easy to cause difficulty in starting the device and strange noises when starting. However, there are many reasons for the overload, so we need to check and eliminate the reasons one by one to ensure the normal startup of the equipment. Whether there is an open-phase operation of the motor, because the open-phase operation of the motor will cause serious friction between the internal transmission components and produce abnormal noise. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'Common problems and solutions of plastic steel door and window equipment'. We can find that some problems are actually quite common. We can't rely on the manufacturer to deal with them every time. We need to know how to deal with basic problems (see our list of plastic steel doors and windows equipment). 199
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