10 testing standards for door and window processing equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-15
Start with a complete set of door and window aluminium processing machine at a high price, but you can’t be too careless. We need to test our door and window equipment. In this article, Machinery Co., Ltd. brings you 10 testing standards for door and window aluminium processing machine, which can help you Roughly conduct a test on your own door and window equipment to see how the quality of the equipment itself is. ①: The geometric accuracy of the part includes the accuracy of size, shape and the mutual position of the surface. Routine inspection items include size, cylindricity, roundness, flatness, straightness, coaxiality, parallelism, perpendicularity, runout, etc. Sometimes it is not to pursue the geometric size of a single part, but to achieve relative matching accuracy. ②: The surface quality of the parts includes: whether the surface is rough, whether the surface has defects such as wear, corrosion, cracks, peeling, scorching, and caulking. ③: For the physical and mechanical properties of the parts, in addition to the hardness and the depth of the hardened layer, it is also necessary to correctly check the properties of the parts formed during the manufacturing and repair process, such as stress state, equilibrium state, elasticity, rigidity and vibration. ④: Hidden defects of parts include internal slag inclusions, pores, pores, cavities, welding defects in the production process and micro-cracks during use. ⑤: The quality and static balance of parts, such as the quality difference between the piston and connecting rod, the static balance of high-speed rotating parts such as crankshafts, fans, and wheels. ⑥: The material characteristics of the parts, such as the alloy composition of the parts, the thickness of the carburized layer, the uniformity of the materials of each part, the separation of graphite, the degree of aging and deterioration of rubber materials, etc. ⑦: The bonding strength between the surface layer material of the part and the substrate, such as the bonding strength of the electroplating layer, the spraying layer, the surface layer and the base metal; the bonding strength of the mechanical fixed joint; the bonding strength of the bearing alloy and the bearing seat. ⑧: Coordination of parts, such as coaxiality, parallelism, meshing state and coordination strength of parts, etc.; ⑧ Coordination of parts. ⑨: The degree of wear of aluminum alloy door and window equipment parts; correctly judge the degree of wear of friction parts and wearing parts, and determine whether they can be used continuously according to the wear limit. ⑩: The cylinder block and cylinder head of the internal combustion engine need to be tested for airtightness to check whether there is any air leakage. After completing the geometric accuracy of the above parts, the hidden defects of the parts, the coordination, the cylinder block and the cylinder head of the internal combustion engine, etc., we can have a general understanding of the quality of our equipment. If there are minor problems in the construction, they can be solved in a targeted manner (don't forget to check our broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment and insulating glass equipment). 111
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