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wall aluminium cutting machine 3axis display kingtool aluminium machinery

wall aluminium cutting machine 3axis display kingtool aluminium machinery

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Company Advantages
1. Whether you need a aluminium cutting machine price or a aluminium section cutting machine, we have a model that will cope with your specific needs. Adopting hard alloy saw blade with external diameter up to 420mm, King Tool's CNC cutting machine can deliver high speed cutting in supreme accuracy.
2. Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. listens to the needs of customers, and our products are assured to meet the highest quality aluminium cutting machine standards in order to become a trusted top provider. To manage cutting of aluminum profiles for doors, windows, curtain wall as well as sanitary ware in random angle, Kingtool's Manual Single Head Saw Cutting Machine is absolutely your best choice.
3. The aluminium cutting machine price part of the machine including cnc aluminium cutting machine to ensure aluminium fabrication cutting machine. Our mission is to produce the toughest and most durable machines available on the market today.
1 Primarily used for cutting industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum door and window profiles, may also used for cutting plastic profiles. Worktable and cutting blades can be adjusted in random angles.
2 Adopted the hard quality alloy saw blades, the external diameter can reach 24 inches, the linear speed is high, the accuracy of processing is high.
3 Adopted Italian CNC positioning system and CNC random adjustment angle system for workable and cutting blades, adopted 4KW motors.
4 High accuracy in positioning of length and angle setting, so it is the ideal choice for random angle cutting of industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum curtain wall profiles as well as combined angle cutting of aluminum curtain wall profiles.

Main Technical Parameter
1.Saw cutting length420-6000mm
2.Saw cutting (W×H)310×180mm (600)
310×150mm (550)
350×150mm (600)
3.Main motor power4Kw×2
4.Main motor rotation speed2840 rpm
5.Saw blade dimensionΦ550(Φ600)×Φ30×120T
6.Saw blade swing angle range90°-45°
7.Worktable rotation angle30°-90°-135°
8.Saw blade feeding speed0-3m/min
9.Saw blade returning speed2-3m/min
10.Working air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
11.Overall dimension (L×W×H)7700×1800×1650mm

Company Features
1. The innovation that characterised over aluminium cutting machine price years of activity has made Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. the suitable partner in the world of aluminium cutting machine because it wants to offer customers advantages in hi-tech machining that few can guarantee: quality, reliability, short delivery time, and research of innovative solutions. - kingtool aluminium machinery aluminium cutting machine price are manufactured using high grade components with the help of cutting edge technology.
2. Our experienced team, in conjunction with leading industry experts from our supply partners utilise our state of the production equipment to develop the innovative aluminium cutting machine you need.
3. Products of kingtool aluminium machinery have been widely recognized around the world. - kingtool aluminium machinery’s efficient service network has been established to support services for customers worldwide. Inquiry!

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